In the same way you can cut, copy and paste objects, you can also do this with entire Clips. This makes it very convenient to reuse or move pieces of content or groups of objects.

There are a couple of ways to copy and paste a Clip:

  1. Select an object on the Stage and then use the following standard key combinations:
  • on a Windows PC: use Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to cut, copy or paste the object
  • on a Mac: use Cmd+X, Cmd+C and Cmd+V to cut, copy or paste the object

2. You can also use the icons above the Stage to cut, copy and paste a Clip: 

Clips will be pasted as follows:

  • on the Stage: at the same place as the original Clip objects
  • on the Timeline: where the red Playhead is

Once pasted, you can rename the Clip, if you wish. Just double-click its name and enter a new name:

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