8 days before the end of your Free Trial, you will receive an email prompting you to ‘Upgrade Now’. When you log in after your Free Trial has ended, your account will be Frozen. You will see a message that says that your Free Trial period has ended:

When your Free Trial expires, access will be frozen until you sign up to one of the paying plans, or until you request the free education subscription (if you are entitled to this). 

The content you created, however, will not immediately be removed, this will only happen after 90 days (then all content -projects as well as uploaded media- will be removed). As soon as payment is done, you will have access again as before.

When you click 'Subscribe', you will be taken to this screen:

Clicking 'get Moovly Pro now' takes you to a Pro pricing screen, and you can select whether you wish to purchase a Pro Yearly subscription, or a Pro Monthly subscription:

Select the subscription (Yearly or Monthly) that you wish to purchase, and you will then be taken to our Recurly, our payment partner site, to complete the purchase.

All subscriptions are recurring, and you can cancel the auto renewal at any time.

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