There are several different object libraries available in Moovly Studio. Over time, more libraries will be added.

Available Libraries:

  1. Infographics Library: Under ‘Library’ on the left of the Editor, just click ‘Infographics’ from the dropdown list:

2. Clips Library: This library contains several pre-made Clips for you to use. You can drag a Clip to the Stage and all objects and animations in it will be added to your project.

3. Shutterstock: You can  import premium-quality images, videos and sounds from Shutterstock right into your project in Moovly Studio.

4. Personal Objects: You can upload sounds and voice-over recordings; images such as photos, scans or screenshots; and short video clips. You can even upload multiple files from your own computer and it is possible to upload a mixture of sound, image or video when you do this! 

5. Storyblocks: With 115,000 HD video clips, over 400,000 images, photos and vectors and more than 100,000 music tracks, sounds effects and loops from the  Storyblocks stock libraries, you can make your video creations more engaging and impressive than ever before.

6. Clean Graphics Library: Fun characters with different styles and skin tones. The perfect choice when you want to be visual and modern. Under ‘Library’ on the left of the Editor, just click ‘Clean Graphic’ from the dropdown list:

7. Stamp Library: Under ‘Library’ on the left of the Editor, just click ‘Stamp Library’ from the dropdown list:

8. Doodle Marker Library: Great for creating explainer videos, the Doodle Marker Style (also known as whiteboard style) allows you to use the popular Hand Draw animation, exclusively available to image objects in this library:

9. Motion Graphics: These are transparent video animations with professional effects, but note that transparency in the editor is only supported by Google Chrome and Firefox. The final videos you render will however play correctly in all browsers 

(Note: Chrome uses the Safari engine on Apple mobile devices, which prevents it from playing transparent videos.)

10. Silhouettes

11. Seasonal libraries like the Halloween Library, the Season's Greetings library etc.: These libraries are meant for that time of year and available during that season...

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