If you already have a Shutterstock account with images, videos or sounds you purchased on shutterstock.com, you can connect your account with Moovly and load the previously purchased items into your Moovly library.

To connect your Shutterstock account to Moovly, go to your Profile page and click the Shutterstock tab:

Next, click the "Connect to Shutterstock" button and enter your Shutterstock login and password. Your account will be connected.

As of then, any items you purchased on the Shutterstock website with that account, will become available in Moovly Studio (close and reopen the editor application if it was still open while connecting your account). 

When your Shutterstock account is connected successfully, you will find a new library in Moovly Studio, called "Shutterstock personal":

The objects you purchased on shutterstock.com will be loaded in this library. Please make sure to filter your view for the right type of objects, as images, videos and sounds are shown on different pages:

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