When you are logged in to your account, look for the Templates section on your Dashboard:

In this Templates section, you and then you can preview the available templates and copy the ones you are interested in to use for your own project. Note that new templates are added on a regular basis.

To use a template, go to its preview page and then click the 'Add to my projects' button on the right side of the preview window: 

The template will be copied and added to your My projects section. Edit that copy and use it a basis for your own project.

Another source of pre-created template content is the Clips library that you find in the Library section of the Moovly Editor:

You can preview the available clips by just clicking them and viewing them in the Properites panel on the right side. When you've found a Clip you like, just drag and drop a Clip to the Stage and all objects that are part of it will be added to your project:

Note that in some Clips, certain objects might be locked, which means that changing them is not possible. To unlock them, just click the little lock icon next to their name in the Timeline. Have a look at the FAQ about locking and unlocking objects for more details.

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