Do you need to update your profile? In the My Profile section of your account you can update details such as your job, address, name...

  1. After logging in, open the login menu on the top right of the page and select My Profile: 

2. This takes you to your Profile information. Just enter or change your information, then click Update profile and your profile will be updated immediately. 

3. Now finally - how to get rid of that weird "profile picture"?! 😂
Moovly is connected to Gravatar for this, which associates an image with your email address.

So you can go to the Gravatar website, login or sign up with your email address, and change the picture connected to your account:

Please be informed it can take a couple of minutes for the picture to be picked up by the Moovly website.

...DONE! 🌟🎈🎉

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