Text objects are very easy to work with. To add text to your content, click the “T” icon above the Stage. Next, click anywhere on the Stage and you will see a text box appear. Double click the default "Type Here" text in this text box to select it, and start typing to replace it with your text:

Once you’ve typed your text, you can start adjusting it. While your text object is selected, you can modify fonts, size, color, background and more in the Properties panel: 

Resize the text by resizing the bounding box around the text on the Stage. Or, change the font size using the Font Size box.

You can change the font type by selecting any of the over 40 available fonts from the drop down box next to Font Family:

Multiple users belonging to a company or organization and having an Enterprise subscription (minimum 5 users) can also have their own unique company library with custom fonts.

You can also change the text style of individual words into bold or italic by clicking the icons next to Text Style.

You can change the color of your text by clicking the box next to Text Color and selecting a color from the color panel that appears. You can also change the background color of a text box by selecting Background Color. Here you can also modify the transparency of the text background:

In the same way you can add animations to graphical objects, you can also add animations to text objects. First select the text object you wish to animate in the Timeline, then click the Add Animation button. 

Please note that the Hand Writing animation is only available for text objects:

Once a Hand Writing animation is applied, you will be able to switch hand types in the Properties panel (Animation Properties).

Finally, you can also lock the size of a text box in the Text Properties panel. In this case, as you keep typing text in your text box, the font size will automatically decrease while respecting the size of the text box. You can increase and decrease the size of the box using the sliders: 

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