The Stage is the area where you compose your content.  It is the canvas for your creation. By default this area is white, but you can adjust the Stage Properties and configure the Background Color in the Stage Properties panel on the right of the Studio editor: 

Properties you can adjust here include the following:

Background Color: Modify the color of the Stage. Click the white square to change the Stage color and a color chart will appear. Select a new color and just click in an empty area to close the color panel.

Stage Size: Want to make a video that matches the ratio of a Facebook Header, an Instagram post or maybe a square? You can easily modify the size of the Stage this by clicking ‘Size’ and selecting a size from the dropdown:

Please be informed that the following ratios are only available to Pro users:

  • Video 2:3
  • Iphone
  • Facebook Header
  • All Instagram ratios

Project Mode: Here you can choose to either make a video or a presentation.

There are several more options available to you above the Stage:

  • Rotate or tilt an object: you can rotate an object around its center point by dragging the corner of the object: 
  • Flip or mirror an object: you can flip an object vertically or horizontally by first selecting the object and then clicking these icons above the Stage:
  • Cut, copy and paste objects, including their properties and animations. Use the following icons above the Stage to cut, copy or paste:
  • Text: you can add text objects on the Stage by clicking the Text icon:
  • Align: when you select multiple objects, you can align them using this icon and its dropdown list:
  • Adding a grid: for easy and correct positioning of your objects on the Stage, you can show a grid with a chosen number of horizontal and vertical lines: 

Finally, you can also rearrange the size of the different panels of the Studio Editor for a better view of the Stage, Libraries or Timeline.

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