Moovly provides a Free Education plan to teachers, students, professors and other individual professionals working in elementary schools, middle schools, universities, high schools and colleges.

This Education plan has most of the features of the Pro subscription, except:

  • All downloads are in SD, not HD
  • Exported videos (published or downloaded) include a Moovly watermark and outro
  • Maximum 20 media uploads

If you want to download your videos in HD or remove the watermark and outro, please upgrade to the Pro subscription. 

Moovly grants Education plans based on your email domain. If you have an email from an educational institution (school, collega, university), please make sure to sign up on Moovly with that email address. 

Valid educational email domains are added to our database of trusted educational domains. New users with email addresses from known edu domains are automatically upgraded to the Free Education plan upon registration on Moovly. You’ll automatically get a pop-up when logging in, saying you’ve been upgraded to the Free Education plan. When checking your profile, your subscription will also say ‘Education’. 

If your email address is not recognized yet (you will not get the pop-up and the subscription in your profile will show ‘Free Trial’), but you do have an educational domain email, please contact us via the chat button or the contact form to request approval and a manual upgrade of your account.

Free Education plans are set to expire every 6 months. When that happens, you will receive a new verification email with a request to reconfirm your email address.

Please make sure that you already have a Moovly account before contacting us about our Education plans.

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