A Moovly Automator allows companies, organizations and brands to produce template-based, customized videos in high volumes (hundreds or thousands of videos). Would you like to create a personalized video per user or a customized video per product or item, and generate these in high volumes? Then a Moovly Automator is what you need!

A Moovly Automator is available in different types:

1. Collect Thousands of User Generated Content Videos

Offer customizable templates to your clients, customers or even your whole community who can turn your branded template in an on-brand testimonial or a personalized video. Imagine collecting hundreds or thousands of such user generated videos in no time. That is the power of a Moovly Automator.  Have a look at these examples and try them yourself!

 2. Mass Generated Video Content from any Data List

This version of a Moovly Automator is a little like mail merge. Except, it makes videos and combines your branded video template with any data list: e.g. a CSV file, XML file or SQL database. The Moovly Automator merges each individual line of the list with the template video to generate hundreds or thousands of customized videos. Feel like sending a special personal video message to your 10,000 employees or customers? Or generating a video for each of your hundreds or thousands of webshop products? Now you can.

3. Automated Video Generation Based on Data Feeds

A Moovly Automator is also able to automatically generate videos using data feeds, coming from any source: e.g. Twitter, RSS, news feeds, statistics, results, measurements… Turn any feed into a video stream! Application examples include narrowcasting, automatic news video production or social media feed animation.

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