If you don't need your project anymore, you have two options to remove it from your Dashboard:

  • Archiving your project: putting it into the Archived section
  • Deleting your project: removing it completely from the Moovly servers

An archived project can still be restored. A deleted project, however, cannot be recovered anymore.

To archive a project on your My projects page, click on Details and then click on the Archive button:

You will then be asked if you’re sure you want to archive the project. Click the Archive button to confirm:

The project will then be moved to the Archived section of your Dashboard. Please note that if your project is being shared with other Moovly users, this sharing function will stop upon archiving. In other words, the users you've shared the project with will not see it anymore in their Shared with me section.

In the Archived section of your Dashboard,  your project will now show a Delete button. Click on Delete to permanently delete your project from your Dashboard:

Note: Deleted projects cannot be recovered, so make sure you don't need it anymore!

Projects in the Archived section can be unarchived (= restored or recovered). Click the thumbnail to go to the Preview page of your project. On the right side of the video player you'll find the Unarchive button:

When you click Unarchive, your project will be moved back into your My projects section.

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