1) Start by accessing the Backoffice tool:

• Only the designated Admin can access the organization’s Backoffice

• Login via https://backoffice.moovly.com/ or via the Backoffice link on your projects Dashboard

2) Adding new users:

On the left hand side, please click 'Users', followed by clicking the '+' button in the right corner below: 

Click the “+” icon on the Users tab:

Tick the box to also assign a license to that new user (otherwise you are creating an Inactive user).

3) Grant a license:

Choose one of the available licenses or purchase a new license, and add it to the user account: 

When a new user has been created, an activation message will be sent to the user’s email address (unless the user already existed before as a Free Trial user). In the activation process, the user will be requested to enter his First Name and choose a password. His full name can be completed later in his account Profile. 


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