There are two roles available for people who are part of a Moovly Enterprise Group: Administrators and Users.

Here we provide you with an overview of the roles and what you can do with them:

1) User:

  • Create an unlimited amount of new video projects
  • Publish video projects
  • Share video projects with colleagues and other Moovly users
  • 100 downloads or exports /month
  • Unlimited amount of media uploads to the Personal Libraries
  • Create personal templates
  • Right to use your created videos for commercial purposes

2) Administrator:
On top of the user actions, an Admin can also do the following things:

  • Access to the Moovly Back Office Tool
  • View usage metrics
  • Add users to the Group
  • Delete users from the Group
  • Assign licenses to users
  • Revoke licenses from users
  • Purchase extra licenses
  • View the Admin log with an overview of Admin actions executed
  • Manage shared company libraries (add and delete objects)
  • Share personal templates with the Group

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