When you open the Moovly Studio the video size will automatically be set to default 16:9. To create a Facebook cover video you need to change the video size to Facebook Header

  • Go to Stage Properties and select Facebook Header.

Once changed, the Stage size will look like this: 

The grey zones indicate which area will be visible when you see the video on mobile or desktop. 

For best practice we recommend you to scale your content to the white area. This allows that all your visitors will see the entire video. 

  • After you finished your project click Save and exit. 
  • Go to your Facebook page. 
  • Hover over your cover photo and click Add a Cover or Change Cover.
  • Click Upload Photo/video to upload your video or photo. 
  • After choosing your video, click the video and drag it up or down to reposition it. 
  • Click next and Publish


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