Please note that the Subtitling feature is available for Max and Enterprise users. To find out more about this subscription, please click here

When you open the Moovly Studio editor you will see a subtitle button at the top:

Once you have clicked this button, a text field will appear on the Stage and Timeline where you can start typing your subtitles. 

You will also see a new Clip appear called 'Subtitles'. This will be to indicate the subtitle line on the Timeline.

When you want to add more subtitles you will have to move the red Playhead marker to a new spot in the Timeline where you want to add said subtitles.
The subtitles will always appear on the same place on the Stage so you don't have to worry about moving them to match. 

On the right-hand side of the Moovly Studio editor you can also change the properties of your subtitles. You can change the font, size, (background) color and set a language for your subtitles.

Next up you can also choose to either import or export your subtitles.
We currently support .SRT and .CSV files.

  • Import subtitle form: Import a subtitle form from your computer. This can either be a .srt file or a .csv file. 
  • Export subtitle form: Here you can choose to export your typed subtitles in the Moovly Studio editor to a file on your computer. You can choose to export it as an .srt or a .csv file. 


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