An Enterprise subscription is a bundle of at least 10 individual yearly subscriptions that include all individual features of the Pro subscription and on top of that many additional extensions and benefits, including the option to set-up a custom library for your organization, only accessible by your team.

  1. One of your team members should create a Moovly Studio library in his/her account. Here's how to create a separate library within your Personal library;
  2. Inform your dedicated account manager about the email address of the 'owner' of this library;
  3. Provide your Moovly account manager with a list of email addresses of your team members that need access to this shared company library;
  4. The Moovly account manager will pass all information to the Engineering team that will build these libraries for you and your team;
  5. Once the libraries have been build, the Admin of the group can upload and delete objects to and from the shared company libraries.
  6. ...READY! 🚀


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