These days most people store their files 'in the cloud', instead of on their own personal computers. Examples are a Google Drive, a Dropbox, or a Box account. From now on you can immediately import your files from those accounts to the Moovly Studio editor. Now that's easy and fast! 💫

1. Open the Moovly Studio Editor by creating a new project or opening an existing project;

2. Click the '+ Upload media' button underneath the library section:

3. A screen opens up in which you can choose to add files to your Personal Library straight from your device, Google, Box or Dropbox. Click 'Browse GDrive'

4. If your browser is not yet logged in to a Google account, you will now see the login screen for your Google account. Please make sure you have an account first (du-uh):

5. Moovly will now ask permission to access your Google account. If you do (of course you do! 😜), please click 'Allow':

6. You can now select one of your personal files from your Google account:

7. The item will appear in your Personal Library. Have fun! ✨


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