When you want to upgrade your subscription or buy a payable object on Moovly, you have different payment options available, one of which is Paypal.

When you've selected the item you want to buy on Moovly, you are taken to the Billing page. Enter your personal details and if you'd like to pay with Paypal, click the Paypal tab in the form:

For example, if you buy a Pro subscription, the Paypal form will look as follows:

Upon clicking the "Subscribe with Paypal" button, you will be asked to login on Paypal using your Paypal account: 

After logging in on Paypal, just follow the steps and confirm your payment. Upon completion of your payment, you will be taken back to the Moovly pages.

Please note that your Paypal password is kept safe with Paypal and not shared with Moovly!

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