Moovly Studio contains a Record audio option that lets you add sounds that you record with your computer's microphone. (Note that you can also record sounds with your smartphone or tablet using the Moovly app).

As Moovly Studio is a browser-based application, recording sound also happens via your browser. This requires your browser to accept access to your microphone, which is a setting that is not always enabled. This FAQ describes how to verify and fix this setting in Google Chrome.

When you click the Record audio button in Moovly Studio, the Audio Recorder appears. If this is the first time you use this option, you may get the following browser question, asking to allow Moovly to use your microphone: 

Click Allow to confirm this. If you click 'Block' (or would have clicked it in previous use of Moovly), audio recording will not work. In that case, the browser will show a small red warning icon on the right hand side of the address bar:

Clicking that icon will open a small dialog saying your microphone is blocked for this site, with an option to unblock it:

Click the option that allows access to your microphone.

You can also manage your browser-microphone settings via the Chrome Settings as follows:

In these settings, go to Advanced Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Content Settings -> Microphone. There you can add Moovly to the websites allowed to use your browser.

If allowing access to your browser still does not appear to get your microphone working, make sure it is not a general microphone issue on your computer (e.g. bad connection, malfunctioning microphone...). You can also test your microphone with other browser-based sound recording applications, such as or

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