A voice-over can be a powerful asset to get your message across. Moovly Studio lets you record your voice directly in the application. Even when your story is not final yet or if you plan to add a professional voice-over to your video, you can always record your own voice as a temporary piece of sound that you replace later by a better version.

To start recording your voice, press the 'Record audio' button underneath the Library panel:

The Audio Recorder pops up, with a big red record button in the center:

Press the button to start recording and read or speak your text. Time will start running. When you've finished, press the button once more. You can immediately listen to your recording or continue:

When you're satisfied with your recording, enter a name and click the Save button:

The voice object will then be saved in the Sounds section of your Personal Library. To add it to your content, just drag it to the Stage as you would do with other audio objects, and synchronize it in the Timeline.

Please note that the quality of your voice recording will depend on the quality of the built-in microphone you have in your computer or laptop. 

Alternatively, you can also record your voice with your smartphone or tablet, via the Moovly app. These mobile devices may have a higher microphone quality than your computer. For more information, read the FAQ about how to upload media via the Moovly app.

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