Text objects are very easy to work with. Take a look at the video below on working with text:

To add text, click the “T” icon above the Stage. Next, click on the stage and you will see a text box appear on the Stage automatically. Enter your text in the box underneath ‘Text Properties’ on the right side of the Editor:

Once you’ve typed your text, you can start adjusting it. Change the font type by selecting from the drop down box next to Font Family. Resize the text by resizing the bounding box around the text on the Stage. Or, change the font size in the Font Size panel on the right-hand side of the Editor. 

With a Business license, you are able to setup your own company library with custom fonts.

You can also change the text style of individual words into bold or italic. In the box underneath Text Properties, highlight the word/words you want to change to Bold or Italic, and then just click the “B“ or the “I“ icon to change the text style:

You can change the color of sentences by clicking the box next to Text color and selecting a color from the chart. You can also change the background color of a text box by selecting Background color

You can add animation to text also by highlighting the text you wish to animate in the timeline, and selecting ‘Add Animation”. The HandWriting animation is only available for text objects.  

You can also lock the size of a text box, in the text properties panel, as well as increasing/decreasing the width and height of the text box:

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