A Clip is a collection of animated objects on the Timeline. When you create content with Moovly Studio, you combine different objects and give them an animation. By default, these objects are grouped into one Clip:

You can manage your Clip as a group of objects. For example, you can shift the whole Clip in time, keeping the relative position and animation of every object. You can also rename, copy & paste and even save your Clips. You can delete a whole Clip, create new Clips and move objects from one Clip to another.

In other words, Clips are an efficient way to bundle objects and their animations, and handle these groups as a whole.

Moovly Studio also includes a library of pre-animated Clips that are easily configurable. These are small templates you can tailor to your needs and combine to quickly build new videos. 

Once you have dragged and dropped the Clip template to your Stage, you can start modifying each object that is part of it.

To  save viewing space in your Timeline, you can decide to open or close the Clip view by clicking the little arrow in front of the Clip name:

With the Moovly Pro (formerly called Unlimited) and Enterprise (Business) subscriptions, you can even save a Clip to your Personal Library and reuse it in other Moovs. This way, you can easily compose new videos or presentations based on saved Clips or Clips copied from other Moovs.

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