The Stage is the area where you compose your content.  It is the canvas for your creation. By default this area is white, but you can adjust the Stage Properties and configure the Background Color in the Stage Properties Panel on the right of the Editor. 

Properties you can adjust here include the following:

Stage Color: Modify the color of the Stage. You can change this default Stage color in the Stage Properties that you see on the right side of the Editor. Click the white square to change the Stage color and a color chart will appear. Select a new color and just click in an empty area to close the color chart.

Stage Size: Modify the size of the Stage. You can do this by clicking ‘Size’ and selecting a size from the dropdown. Current sizes are 4:3 and 16:9:

You have more options available to you above the Stage. These include:

Zoom: You can zoom in and out on the Stage dragging the magnifying glass slider bar to the left or right:

Flip an Object: You can flip an object vertically or horizontally by clicking these icons above the Stage:

Swap an Object: You can easily replace one object for another while keeping its position, its timing, and even its animation settings.

To do this, make sure first of all the new object is available in one of the libraries (if the new object is, for example, a picture, make sure you have uploaded it to your Personal Objects library). 

Then select the object you want to replace. You will see its Object Properties in the top right area of the Editor. Click the "Swap Object" option. Next, drag your new object from the library and drop it in the placeholder:

That's all! Now your new object has replaced the original one. Timing and animation of the original object will also apply to the new object, except for special animations that are object-specific.

Cut, copy and paste objects, including their properties and animations
: You can copy an object by selecting the object in the Timeline and hitting Cmd+C (Mac) or Ctrl+F5 (PC) to paste. You can then rename the object, if you wish.  

You can also use the icons above the Stage to cut, copy and paste Clips:

Jump to the start of your Moov: Double click the rewind button to do this:

Text: You can add text to your Moov by clicking the text box:

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