Whiteboard style videos, whereby a hand draws and writes content to explain or communicate something, are very popular. Moovly enables you to create such videos and presentations without being a graphical talent. 

In the Editor, open the Library dropdown list and choose the Doodle Marker library:

The Doodle Marker library contains both images and videos. Compared to other objects in other libraries, the Doodle Marker objects have special options:

  • Doodle Marker images have a Hand Draw animation option: you can have a hand draw the image along its lines
  • Doodle Marker videos have a programmed animation specific to that drawing: e.g. a boy can walk, a presenter can raise his hand, a bird can fly... etc. 

To apply the hand drawing animation, first drag and drop a Doodle Marker image to the Stage and then select the Hand Draw In animation from the animation options:

When the Hand Draw In animation has been applied, play the animation and watch how the object is drawn:

You can change the drawing speed by making the animation longer or shorter in duration. 

While this object is selected, there are more options you can adjust in the Properties area. For example:

  • You can change the color ("Tint") of the object 
  • You can change the type of hand: 

Working with Doodle Marker video objects is slightly different: in the Doodle Marker library, scroll down to the Videos section and click any object. In the Properties area on the right hand side, you can preview the video object:

Notice that most of these objects are loopable objects: the preview shows one loop, but in your content, you can use as many loops as you want. From the library, drag and drop the object to the Stage. On the Timeline, extend the object in time by making its blue time bar longer:

The tiny vertical lines in the blue bar show where the loop restarts. If you also want your object to move at the same time, add a Move & Transform animation to the object. There you also have an option to pause your video object when you want.

Tip: in the Templates section of your Dashboard, there are templates based on the Doodle Marker library. Copy such a template to use it as a basis for your content. 

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