The Moovly Unlimited license adds many additional possibilities on top of the features of the Free Trial, including:

  • 1 GB storage space for uploaded media and rendered videos
  • Priority rendering
  • Downloading and Moovs in high quality (up to HD 1080p)
  • Removing the Moovly watermark and outro ("Made with Moovly") which is automatically added to videos made with the Free Trial license.
  • Sharing your Moov with other Moovly users

IMPORTANT: If you choose to not renew your subscription, your account will be frozen for 90 days, after which all your Personal Library uploads (sounds, images and videos) and Moovs (videos you have created in Moovly) will be deleted.

During the 90 days your account is frozen, you can still choose to pay a catch-up fee to reactivate your account. 

The catch up fee is 5$ per started month. For example:

  • if you renew in your 1st month, the catch-up fee is $5
  • if you renew in your 2nd frozen month, the catch-up fee is $10
  • if you renew in your 3rd frozen month, the catch-up fee is $15

For a complete overview of the features that are included in the different Moovly licenses, please take a look at the Pricing page

Please note that licenses are individual. Sharing a license with another user violates our Terms & Conditions and can lead to technical problems, such as loss of content or corrupted videos.

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