We want everybody to be able to create engaging content. This is why we offer you a Free 30 day trial of Moovly Studio, enabling you to discover and test most of its powerful features!

You can use almost all of Moovly's rich features and libraries to make your first Moov, including:

  • Most of the features of the Pro (formerly called Unlimited) subscription in terms of making and creating your Moovs
  • Access, from within the Moovly Studio editor, to the VideoBlocks and Shutterstock libraries
  • Possibility to upload your own media: images, sounds and videos
  • 1 GB upload storage
  • Publish to the Gallery and embed videos from the Gallery on other webpages
  • Using the Moovly app to view your videos and easily upload media from your mobile device.

If you upgrade to the Pro subscription, you get access to many additional options, including downloading a Moov and sharing its source with other Moovly users.

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