When Moovly announced its new Studio product in April 2017, this new HTML5-based online application was still young and not as feature-rich as its Flash-based predecessor, called Moovly Classic. Today, Moovly Studio has become a state-of-the-art video creation application with many more features than Moovly Classic, over 600,000 media objects included and an integration with Shutterstock that provides access to another 150 million images, sounds and videos you can use in your content.

As Moovly Studio has come to maturity, Moovly will end its introductory pricing on November 27. As of November 28, new pricing for its subscriptions will take effect and apply to all new subscriptions. The new pricing scheme will be the following:

  • Monthly subscription: $49.95/month
  • Yearly subscription: $299.95 (equivalent to $25/month)

Education subscriptions will remain free for users with an email address from an educational domain. 

Lifetime introductory pricing

The new pricing scheme will not affect users who subscribed before November 28, 2017. Their subscription continues at the introductory pricing level of the Unlimited subscription:

  • Monthly subscription: $5/month
  • Yearly subscription: $55/year

This pricing is a lifetime pricing for Moovly Studio, which means that, when uninterrupted, you can keep your subscription at this pricing level for as long as Moovly Studio exists. If you interrupt your subscription, and decide to renew it at a later stage, the new pricing will apply.

To subscribe, click here or use the Upgrade button on your Dashboard:

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