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There is no direct voice record option in Moovly Studio yet. However, you can record your voice-over with a professional, locally installed software (eg Audacity), and then upload this as a sound file to Moovly. Just click the Upload media button on the left of the Editor window when you’re in edit mode, and you can choose the sound file from your computer:

If you’re looking for a specific voice-over there are different platforms you can check. You can easily define what you’re looking for, what language, what kind of voice, etc. and request your voice-over. Easy as that!

Our trusted partner,, has over 125 000 professional voiceover artists worldwide, speaking over 100 languages and dialects. Visit to sign up free and join the world’s #1 voice-over marketplace and get connected to voice-over talent from around the world!

If you're on a lower budget, Fiverr might be a perfect solution (although you might have to look around a bit before finding a voice-over artist that meets your quality standards). 

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