A Clip is a collection of pre-animated objects on the Timeline. Clips differ from Scenes in Moovly Classic (the old editor), because whereas Scenes are in a linear order, Clips are a predefined group of objects. These include pre-animated, timed objects that are easily configurable. 

When you create a new Moov in the editor, you will see ‘Clip 1’ in the panel underneath the Stage:

In your first clip, you can drag and drop your own images and sounds, as well as those available from the huge VideoBlocks library, plus of course videos! When you click the arrow next to Clip 1, you will see any objects that are part of this Clip:

Working with Clips allows you to manage and order your content in an easier way: renaming Clips, saving Clips…

With the Moovly Unlimited and Business licenses, you can even save a Clip to your Personal Library and reuse them in other Moovs. This way, you can easily compose new videos or presentations based on saved Clips or Clips saved from other Moovs.

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