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In some cases, it may be useful for you to temporarily lock an object or a Clip to protect yourself from unintended edits. When locked, you will not be able to edit the Clip, so no changes to objects or their animations can occur and you will not be able to add items to the Clip.

To lock an object or a Clip, just click the padlock icon next to the name of the object or Clip you wish to lock:

You will notice that the padlock icon turns white after you have clicked it:

That object or Clip will now be locked, and no editing properties will be available. 

When you want to edit the object or Clip again, just click the padlock icon once more and it will return to its original gray color and you will then be able to edit that object or Clip again.

There is currently no undo/redo feature available in Moovly Studio. When this has been added, this article will be updated.

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