You can easily share your Moov with other Moovly users so they can view or even copy it to use for their own projects. 

Click the Moov thumbnail and then click the share button below the video:

Next, enter the email address of the person you want to share it with:

Then give that user a certain right: you can allow him or her to view or copy the Moov you're about to share. 

When the invited person is not a Moovly user yet, he or she will receive an email invitation to quickly register on Moovly and get secure access to your shared content.

The person who has shared will also receive an email, to tell them that their Moov has been shared successfully.

If your Moov is finished and you'd like to publicly share the finished video with your audience for viewing, then you can publish your video and share it from there on your favorite social networks.

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