Shutterstock is a leading global stock media provider of over 160 million high-quality licensed images, videos, and music.

Moovly is now an official partner of Shutterstock.

That means that, from now on, you are able to import premium-quality images, videos and sounds from Shutterstock right into your project in Moovly Studio.

The millions of premium Shutterstock media assets in Moovly Studio will help you to illustrate your story whatever the subject matter is.

The Shutterstock library is only available in Moovly Studio, our HTML5-based editor. Unfortunately, Moovly Classic doesn't support the Shutterstock library.

You can find the Shutterstock library in Moovly Studio by selecting ‘Shutterstock’ from the drop-down menu on the top left side of the Studio editor. 

Next, enter your search term in the search field and open the Filter drop-down list to select the type of media you are looking for:

When you have found the object you would like to use in the Shutterstock library, just click the “Insert in Moov” button (bottom right).

No need to purchase this Shutterstock item yet: you can decide later whether or not you’d like to keep it. In the meantime, your Shutterstock objects will be watermarked with the Shutterstock tag in your content.

Once you have purchased these objects, the Shutterstock watermark will be removed and you'll be free to use them in any other Moovs

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