If your Educational domain is known to us, Moovly provides an Education license to teachers, students, professors and other individual professionals working in the non-commercial education sector. 

This Education license has most of the features of the Unlimited license, except:

  • All downloads are in SD, not HD
  • Includes the watermark and outro

If you wanted to download in HD, or remove the watermark or outro, you just need to upgrade your license to Unlimited, which is only $5 a month.

Please make sure that you already have a Moovly account before contacting us about this edu license.

If you already had an Edu Plus or Edu Group license on the old editor (Moovly Classic), you will get an Education license on Moovly Studio. If you already have an Edu Pro license on the old Editor (Moovly Classic), you will get an Unlimited license on Moovly Studio. 

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