Moovly's Pro subscription (formerly called Unlimited) allows you to create videos to explain your topic, tell your story or communicate your message to your audience, even if this message is a commercial, marketing or promotion message.

If you would like to use Moovly for direct commercial purposes, you require an Enterprise subscription. Examples of commercial use include:

  • Selling videos (or access to them) you created with Moovly (e.g. training videos)
  • Selling the service of making a video for third parties
  • Generating advertising revenues on a video, e.g. on YouTube or other platforms 

If you'd like to earn money with any of the above or similar activities, you need to have an Enterprise subscription.

You get a full, exclusive usage right of your video, but as your content also contains Moovly components or objects licensed by Moovly partners, you do not own these. Of course, you also stay owner of all media you owned and uploaded.

More information can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

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