Publishing a Moov means that you make it available to your online audience via the Moovly Gallery, on your YouTube channel or on your Facebook page. If you don't have a YouTube channel or your video is not meant to be shared with your Facebook friends, the Moovly Gallery is an excellent, free alternative.

  1. Publish to the Moovly Gallery: this option can be used during Free Trial as well as with all other licenses. Click the Publish button below the Moov preview and select "Publish to Gallery":

The following video demonstrates how to publish your video to the Moovly Gallery:

When publishing to the Moovly Gallery, your Moov will first be rendered to a video format. This may take a while, depending on the size and complexity of your video and the queue on Moovly's render servers.

Please read the important note at the bottom of this page regarding copyright and publishing conditions.

2. Publish to YouTube: To publish your video to YouTube, follow these steps:

  • To be able to publish your video to YouTube, you should first of all have a YouTube account and a YouTube channel associated with it. Please make sure that you are logged in to YouTube.
  • On the preview page of your Moov, look for the Publish button below the video and choose Publish to YouTube:
  • Your Moov will then first be rendered as a video and you will see a pop up that prompts you to add a title and a description before publishing. It will then be handed over to YouTube for publishing to your channel. Please note that, depending on the render queues on Moovly's and YouTube's servers, this may take a while.

3. Publish to Facebook: To publish your video to Facebook, first of all allow pop ups! Then follow these steps:

  • Click the Publish button and select Publish to Facebook:
  • Confirm you are not violating copyrights
  • If not logged to Facebook yet, you will be prompted to enter your Facebook login details
  • Enter a Title and Description of your video and click Publish

Your video will then be rendered by Facebook and be published on your Facebook wall. Please note that, depending on the render queues on Moovly's and Facebook's servers, this may take a while.

If you would like to publish your Moov on other online video channels, you should first download it and manually upload it to your favorite video platform.

The Moovly Gallery is a public gallery, so your content will be visible to others. 

By publishing your moov to the public Moovly Gallery, you ensure that you possess the intellectual property rights of all uploaded media (sounds, images, video objects) used in your moov. 

Moovly has the right to remove your Moov from the Moovly Gallery in case of copyright infringement or any other violation of the Terms & Conditions

Moovly also reserves the right to remove any incomplete, empty or other inappropriate videos from the Moovly Gallery.

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