Every project you create with Moovly - called a Moov -  is represented on your 'My Moovs' Dashboard as a thumbnail:

From this Dashboard, you can manage your Moovs: move your mouse over the thumbnail for the following options:

  • Pen symbol: Click this to edit your Moov
  • Trash can symbol: Click this to archive your Moov. You will be asked if you are sure you want to archive the Moov.:
  • Share your Moov: sharing your Moov with other Moovly users is possible with Unlimited and Business licenses

When you click the pen to edit your moov, you get some additional options, using the buttons underneath the video player:

  • Edit video
  • Edit description: change the description of your Moov
  • Copy: make a copy of your Moov
  • Download: if you have an Unlimited or a Business license, you can download your video. If you are using the Free Trial and would like to download a video, upgrade your license to Unlimited.
  • Publish: publish your video to the Moovly Gallery. This option is available to all users, including Free Trial users.

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