Downloading Moovs is possible with all Moovly subscriptions except for the Free Trial. If you are still in Free Trial mode but would like to download or export your Moov, first upgrade your subscription. Alternatively, you can also publish your Moov to the Moovly Gallery and share that public link with your audience.

To download your Moov and save it on your computer, first click its thumbnail to enter the preview page. To the right of the video player, you'll find a couple of export options, such as Download and Publish.

Click the Download button and in the drop down list, select 'Create new render':

Rendering is the process of preparing and generating your video based on your desired video quality:

Please note that render time can depend on the chosen video quality, the complexity and length of your video and on the current render queue on Moovly's servers. Typically, short videos (e.g. 30 seconds) in SD quality take a few minutes to render. Long videos (e.g. 3 or more minutes) in HD 1080p quality may take up to an hour or longer to render.

When your video is ready for downloading, you will get an email notification (check your spam mailbox if not). The Download button will also get a red notification icon:

To download the video file, click the Download button once more, and select the rendered version of your video from the dropdown list: 

The video file will then be downloaded and saved to your computer.  You can play your downloaded videos with common video players such as Windows Media Player, Quicktime, VLC...

If you have an Pro or an Enterprise subscription, you can download your Moov in HD quality and without the Moovly watermark and outro. 

When you've made updates to your Moov, or when you require multiple video resolutions, you can render new video versions: just click the Download button once more and select "Create new render". Your previously rendered versions will still be preserved for a while and stay available in the dropdown list of the Download button.

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