Moovly Studio is based on HTML5, which is a new browser technology that enables all features that Flash included - and more - but also comes with some additional benefits:

  • HTML5 works on all computers and mobile devices with a browser
  • HTML5 is supported by most recent and popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer): no plug-in or software installation required
  • HTML5 is more secure than Flash based technology

Moovly Studio is based on HTML5 technology and offers more value to you:

  • The new Moovly Studio editor is fast
  • The new Moovly Studio editor is easy to use
  • The new Moovly Studio editor features over 500,000 royalty free digital assets (stock videos, illustrations, photos, sounds and music) from VideoBlocks, as well as an integration with Shutterstock, a leading global stock media provider of over 160 million high-quality licensed images, videos, and music.

Over time, Moovly will be phasing out this Moovly Classic editor (users who have existing content made with Moovly Classic will still get access to it for a longer time).  
The Moovly Classic editor was based on Flash, which is a browser plugin that needs to be installed on your computer. Flash however is a technology that is disappearing and more and more computer vendors are not installing or recommending it anymore. Flash is also not supported on many mobile devices (iOS and others). Indeed, Adobe will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020

Please note that content made with the Moovly Classic editor is not compatible with Moovly Studio. If you are still using Moovly Classic, we strongly advise that you make new projects in Moovly Studio.

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