Moovly released the new, HTML5-based Moovly Studio editor and platform on April 1, 2017. The former, Flash-based version of the Moovly editor was then renamed to Moovly Classic.

If you registered on Moovly before that date, you have access to both Moovly Studio and Moovly Classic. Please note that these two solutions reside on different platforms. If you register or login via our main website on, you login on the Moovly Studio platform. After login, you land on your Dashboard (

If you had an account on Moovly Classic, you will find a "Moovly Classic" tab on your Moovly Studio Dashboard:

You will then be prompted with a new login page to the Moovly Classic platform. If you have a running Moovly Classic subscription (Plus, Pro or Business), you will immediately have access to your "My Moovs" page.

If you had a free account on Moovly Classic, or a paid subscription which has expired, you can still access your old content. Read on!

While significantly lowering its pricing, Moovly also transitioned its subscription system from a freemium model to a 30-day Free Trial model. This means that as a new Moovly user, you can experience Moovly Studio for free during 30 days, after which you are invited to upgrade to a paid subscription (e.g. Pro). 

If you choose not to upgrade, your account will be Frozen. You can still unlock it at a later stage, but your content will only be kept on our servers for maximum 90 days.

Moovly Classic accounts have also been converted to the same model, which means that all Free and expired Plus, Pro or Business accounts will be in a Frozen state.

If you are a former Moovly Classic user who had a Free, Plus or Pro license which has expired, you can still gain access to your Moovly Classic account by subscribing to a Pro subscription on Moovly Studio. Your Classic account will then also be unfrozen. 

Please note that Moovly Classic will be discontinued in June 2018, so make sure to transfer all your important videos to Moovly Studio before that time. 

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